"SEE" original poetry (copyright 2020, by Courtney M. Nero)


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Here is the poem in its entirety.

See our strength, 
See our pride. 
See our number, 

See our faces, 
See our hues. 
See our joys, 
See our blues.

See heads bald, 
See heads greyed. 
See heads locked, 
See waves and fades. 

See our brow, 
Tense and furrowed. 
Our question, “How long?” 
The answer, always: “tomorrow.” 

See our eyes, 
Watching the village. 
Searching our place 
Where others have privilege. 

See our gaze, 
See our vision. 
See our children? 
See our mission. 

See our mouths’ 
multi-lingual twitching. 
See our codes 
And our code-switching. 

See our cheeks, 
Leathered, worn, 
Smooth, five o’clock, 
Or beard-adorned. 

See our lips, 
Or do you dare 
suffer witness to 
the truths they bare? 

See engineers, linguists, 
doctors, preachers. 
Administrators, writers, 
IT, teachers. 

Entrepreneurs, realtors, 
too many others to call. 
Playing sixteenths in a quarter-note world, 
Creatives all. 

See our battles, 
See our scars. 
See secret wounds 
From secret wars. 

See our stance, 
See our years. 
See our humanity. 
See your fears. 

See chins up, chests out, 
See shoulders strong. 
See heads unbowed 
to our nation’s wrongs. 

My friends, my bruhs, 
My son. Me. 
Look in these faces. See us.